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Unblocking Emails



If you've signed up for Memories Theatre and you're not receiving emails, we’re here to help. The information below will help you correct your email settings in various browsers, thereby ensuring that that Memories Theatre lands in your Inbox instead of your junk mail. Also included are instructions on how to unblock images.

Text vs. HTML

Most email programs can handle HTML. Specifically, you'll be able to read HTML emails if you use Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora Pro, Netscape Navigator, Netscape Communicator, Mozilla or AOL 6.0 and up. Eudora Light and earlier versions of Eudora Pro don't support HTML Email; neither does AOL 5.0 or earlier. Put simply, you should probably get HTML emails and if they aren't looking right, click here and make the switch to text only.


If you're receiving Memories Theatre in your spam email folder, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your email account
  2. Click the "Spam" link on the left
  3. Click on the email sent by Memories Theatre
  4. Click the "Not Spam" button above the message

To unblock images, open the message and click the green box above your Memories Theatre message that says "Always Display Images from admin@memoriestheatre.com".


Windows Live Hotmail

If you're receiving Memories Theatre in your junk email folder, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your email account
  2. In the upper-right corner of the Windows Live Hotmail home page, click "Options", and then click "More Options"
  3. Under Junk Email, click Safe and Blocked Senders
  4. Click "Safe Mailing Lists"
  5. Add "admin@memoriestheatre.com" (no quotes) to the list

To unblock images and other content, open the email; click "open message"; click "show content" at the top of the message.


Microsoft Outlook

If Memories Theatre is being automatically marked as Junk Email:

  1. From the "Tools" menu, select "Options"
  2. On the "Preferences" tab, under Email, click the "Junk Email" button
  3. Click the "Safe Senders" tab
  4. Click the "Add" button
  5. Type "admin@memoriestheatre.com" (no quotes) into the "Enter an email address or Internet domain name to be added to the list" box and click the "OK" button

If the images in our emails are being blocked, adding memoriestheatre.com to your "safe senders" list will also solve this problem. (Note: "Safe Sender" indicates that our service will do not damage to your computer.)



If you're not receiving Memories Theatre in your AOL account, follow these steps:

  1. • Login to your email account
  2. • Go to AOL Keyword: "Mail Controls"
  3. • Next to Sender Filter, click the "Edit" link
  4. • Under "My Sender Filter", click the Use a Custom Sender List" link
  5. • Choose the "Block all senders and domains listed below or Allow only the sender and domains listed below" option, then click the "Save" button
  6. • Click the "Save" button to close the Sender Filter window
  7. • Click the "Save" button to close the Mail and Spam Controls window

To unblock images, click the Mail menu, then click Mail Settings. Click the "Hide images & disable links in mail from unknown senders" box to clear it. Click the "Save" button.



If you're receiving Memories Theatre in your junk email folder, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your email account
  2. Click "Options" at the top right
  3. Click "Filters"
  4. Click the "Add" button
  5. Name this filter, then where it says "From header contains," type "admin@memoriestheatre.com" (no quotes)
  6. Where it says "Then...Move the message to," select "Inbox"
  7. Click "Add Filter"

To unblock images, click "options" and go to the "Spam Protection" section. Click "continue" until you're on the 3rd step of the process. If you've taken the above steps to designate Memories Theatre as not Spam, select the "Block images in messages that SpamGuard thinks are spam" option.


Postini Spam Filter

If you're receiving Memories Theatre in your quarantine summary, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Postini Message Center
  2. Click “My Settings” in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Click "Approve Senders"
  4. Add "admin@memoriestheatre.com" to the Approved Senders box
  5. Click "Update Approved Senders"


If your email provider uses SpamArrest, follow these steps:
There are two ways to whitelist a sender in SpamArrest.

Designate them as an Authorized Sender by:

  1. In the "Members Area," clicking the Senders tab
  2. In the field "To authorize a sender enter their email address into the field below," entering their Email address to designate them as an authorized senders

Verify them as an Authorized Sender by:

  1. In the "Members Area," clicking the "Mail" tab
  2. Underneath "INBOX" in the left hand column, clicking on the folder "Unverified"

If an Email from the sender is in your list of unverified senders, check the box beside them in the list and click the "Authorize" button to whitelist their Email address

Other Internet Service Providers

If you've subscribed to Memories Theatre, but aren't receiving our Emails, your Internet Service Provider or company is probably blocking them. Fix this by:

  1. Getting in touch with technical support at your ISP or company and explaining the problem. If they're blocking Email from Memories Theatre, ask them to stop. One way they can assist you is to put memoriestheatre.com, admin@memoriestheatre.com on a "safe list".
  2. Setting up your own safe list, which some Email systems allow you to do. Look for the safe list in the settings section, and add "memoriestheatre.com" (no quotes). If you have to enter a complete address, use "admin@memoriestheatre.com". Some Email systems require a sender to be in your address book to keep the Email from being diverted to a "junk" or "bulk" mail folder. If your system has this requirement, add "admin@memoriestheatre.com" (no quotes) to your address book.
  3. Signing up under another email account, or change ISPs to a provider that doesn't block email.